2019 Talks

Steven Rogelberg

The Power of You to Truly Make Meetings Work

Karen Cox

Why History Matters

Alexus Widemon

I am a Statistic-At Least That is What I Was Told

Leslie Dill

How Porn Culture Shapes Our Sexual Health

Tracey Benson

The Binary Code of Racism

Darryl Bellamy Jr.

Secret Fears: What I Learned from Reading Thousands of Fears

Keith Murphy

Artificial Intelligence in Surgery: The Final Frontier?

John Nance

Evidently I'm a Supremacist: Acknowledging Privilege and Developing Compassionate Empathy

Khalia Braswell

Using Access to Create Opportunities in Tech

Erica Lennon

I saw Myself as Deadly: Healing After Loss by Suicide

Michael Johnson

The Innovation Two-Step

Paul Marks

53 Easy Steps to More Effective Leadership