Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How is a TEDx event planned? 

There is a committee of students, facutly, and staff at UNC Charlotte who are spearheading TEDxUNCCharlotte to bring a dynamic and engaging speaking event to campus. 

2. Who can apply to be a speaker? 

Anyone! Part of the hope of this event is to feature UNC Charlotte members AND community members in the area with ideas worth sharing. 

3. Really? Anyone can apply? 


4. What is the theme for TEDxUNCCharlotte? 

The theme is "The Power of You Makes it Possible." This both speaks to the energy and passion everyone involved brings to the event as well as the spirit of boldness behind UNC Charlotte's motto of "Stake Your Claim." We are hoping to have talks that resonate with that theme, however, we are looking for talks on a variety of subjects and are accepting talks that do not relate to the theme. 

5. What goes into the TEDx speaker application? 

The speaker application has two parts. The first piece is filling out basic information, including contact information, about yourself. In the second part, you have the opportunity to tell us a little bit about yourself (whatever you would like to share). From there, tell us about your idea worth sharing, including a description of the topic, a potential title, and what qualifies you to speak on the topic. 

6. What do you mean by 'what qualifies you or gives you credibility to speak on this'? 

TED Talks have the impact they do because the speakers have a great idea and provide legitimacy to that idea. That can be accomplished through a variety of ways, through your lived experience, research, courses/classes you have completed, work experience, etc. Think of credibility as the supporting arguments to your idea. 

7. How long should my TEDx talk be? 

A typical TED Talk will be anywhere from 5-18 minutes in length. The talk should not go longer than 18 minutes. 

8. I've applied. What happens next? 

The TEDx committee will be reviewing applications in January and reaching out to prospective speakers then. We will be reaching out and potentially phone/video chat with speakers and be able to learn more about their ideas as well as gain a sense of their speaking presence in this piece. The goal is to finalize speakers by the beginning of February. 

9. What is required/expected of speakers? 

The most important is to be available on March 22 to speak! We are hoping to do a run-through of the talks on the Friday preceding the event (March 15), so we need all talks finalized by that time and (ideally) have all of the speakers attend the run through. We will be producing marketing materials to be able to share out as well as taking head shots of the speakers (if they are located locally) to be able to higlight the talks and topics and to presented on at the inaugural TEDxUNCCharlotte. 

10. How can I attend TEDxUNCCharlotte? 

More information will be available on attending the event in February. Check back then! 

11. I have an additional question. 

Please contact Michael Maksymowski at